Planned Giving

The story of Mater Admirabilis teaches us that many of the most beautiful gifts can be better appreciated after the passage of time. Many members of our community look back fondly on their years at Woodlands and commit themselves to helping Woodlands far into the future. It is because of this farsightedness that those who commit to a planned gift become members of the Mater Admirabilis Society. They are remembered annually at the Mater Admirabilis liturgy, and are recognized in the annual report in perpetuity. We invite you to find out more and build your legacy by investing in a Woodlands Academy, Sacred Heart education. Please email Tami Hoekstra Rocha '80 or call 847.234.4300 extension 228.

We thank them for their fidelity to the life lived at Sacred Heart.

Life Income Gifts

A life income gift to Woodlands Academy allows you and/or a beneficiary to retain income from the assets donated, take a federal income tax deduction for a portion of the gift value (depending on the terms of the gift,) while eliminating capital gains tax on gifts of securities or real estate. Referred to as Charitable Remainder Trusts, life income gifts to Woodlands Academy should be arranged between you, the Academy, and your financial and legal advisors to ensure a giving arrangement that is tailored to your personal requirements.

Gifts of Income Interest

A charitable Lead Trust, an assignment of trust income to Woodlands Academy, allows you to give an income interest to the school for a designated period of time, after which the property in the trust returns to you or your heirs. In certain cases, this method of giving allows you to reduce the gift and/or estate tax when the assets are passed to your children or grandchildren at the expiration of the trust

Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a unique way to give to Woodlands. To qualify, Woodlands Academy needs to become owner and beneficiary. You may choose to donate a paid-up policy no longer needed, give a policy that is not fully paid-up and take a deduction for the present value of the policy, or make Woodlands the owner and beneficiary of a new policy. Ongoing premium payments qualify as charitable deductions.


So often we think of making gifts to the institution that represent causes we care about in immediate terms - by writing a check, or making a cash or stock gift. A bequest to Woodlands Academy is not subject to federal, estate, or local inheritance taxes, and the value of the bequest is deductible in determining the taxable estate. There is no limit on the deduction.

Mater Admirabilis Society


Helen Kavanagh Baum '35†

Sallie Smith Bell†

Louise W. Berezny†

Louise K. Berner†

Rose Garibaldi Bolognesi ASH '08†

Alicia Sexton Brown '50

Thomas P. Brown, III†

Mary Isabelle McKenna Caestecker '25†

Megan E. Carroll '85

Mary O’Boyle Connor ’35†

M. Christina Curran '80

Jo-Ellen Killoran Domalski '51

Stephen and Rosaria Donohoe

Gertrude Reiss Dorschel†

Joan K. Downey '43†

Mary Pietrowicz Byrnes Finlen ASH '18†

Beatrice Fox Friedrich '29†

Isabel Lyman Gallagher†

Jane F. Geldermann†

Margaret Grafft Gibbons '76†

Ann Therese Gorman '46†

Gerald J. Grossman

Colleen McCue Groves '87

John and Deb Guy

Margaret Sweetser Hagerty '46†

Margaret E. Haggerty '71†

Heather Campbell Henry '59

Jenifer L. Dreiling Holderman ’80

Julie Joyce Kenary '80

Mark and Pam Kendall

Elayne P. Knauer

Rosemary Potts Loyacono '53

Elaine and Peter Marshall

Virginia Milton McGehee '43†

Mary Mertes Mooney '40†

Victoria Stephan Nelson, Ph.D. '73

Ann and Mike Patterson

Mary Judith Reichmann '50†

Mrs. Jo Joyce Roberson†

Juan Rocha and Tami Hoekstra Rocha•'80

Lisa M. Stokes Seifried '76

Kimberly T. Smith '77

Pauline Smith '29†

Barbara Sternig '60

Elizabeth Theisen '79

Mike and Mary Ann Walsh

Patricia Landa Webster '59

Pamela Lombardi Wenzel '67

Barbara Jones Wood-Prince ’54