Please join us at Congé 2021!

February 20, 2021
Pre-Show: 6:00-6:25pm
Event Time: 6:30-7:00pm
Auction will close at 7:30pm
Celebrity Emcee: Christine Schmidt

Our Congé 2021 Sponsor Honor Roll!

Sylvie Légère & Todd Ricketts

Celeste & Alan Denton
Jill & Steve Pace
Lydia & Pat Ryan

Bruning Foundation, Janet & Chris Silge
Cece & Tom Ricketts
Robin & Erik Scheier
Mary Clare & Tom White

Amy & Clay Brock
Aimee Walters & Bryan Proctor

Jeff & Julie Hesse
Michael & Rooney Kerns
Courtney Desmond & Brian Keuer
Valerie & Robert Rickert
Chuck Smith


Congé has been Woodlands Academy's annual fundraising dinner, auction, and paddle raise for the last 47 years. Last year, we raised over $372,000 for the students! This year, we will come together virtually, but with the same mission in hand.

Please register today at - there are no ticket fees this year! We will send you a link to the event in February, so begin planning your night now - either with your "bubble" or in your PJ's, we will raise funds together to make an impact for our students!

Join us - Saturday, February 20, 2021 for an inspiring evening raising money for our amazing students while celebrating "Home is Where the Heart is."

Sincerely your Congé Co-Chairs,

Celeste Denton and Mary Beth Hopp

Make a difference NOW and become a Sponsor. More benefit information to follow.

Thank you for your support of Congé 2021!


Congé Committee

Alison Bartusiak P'13 P'15 P'17 P'19 P'23

Celeste Denton P'10 P'12 P'21 - Co-Chair

Sara Harty P'15 P'21

Mary Beth Hopp P'21 - Co-Chair

Mary Meister P'24

Lynda Mooney P'22

Kelly Nekvinda P'23

Jill Pace P'23

Sharon Rettino P'22

Molly Sarver P'21

Mary Michelle Scalise '79 P'19 P'21

Robin Scheier P'24 

Michele Sparks P'22

Kathryn Talty P'24

Kristin Wyne P'21