Salute to Volunteers

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is eternally grateful for the long tradition of service by our Woodlands Parents Association (WAPA), Woodlands Academy Alumnae Association, and Alumnae Parent Connection (APC). Every single member of the Woodlands community has served the school in the past year in a wide variety of ways. The names listed below are those who spent an extraordinary amount of their own time to enhance the Woodlands experience for our students.

Board of Trustees

Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends,

It is a great honor for me to Chair the Woodlands Academy Board of Trustees. I am extremely proud of what our school is providing for our students. In addition to receiving an excellent education, they exist in an atmosphere of spirituality that permeates the halls. It is found in the classrooms, in the lunchroom and on the athletic fields.

Armed and strengthened by these advantages, they go on to become global ambassadors of the

Sacred Heart Mission. Your help in partnering with us in this mission is deeply appreciated.

With our heartfelt thanks,

Barbara Wood-Prince
Chair, Board of Trustees

Parent Volunteers

Bridget Egan Albertson '79
Robert Albertson
Maria Allen
Chris Anderson
Yasmin Anderson
Maureen Anger
Greg Buckardt
Kate Hollenhorst Buckardt '78
Katie Bowler
Lynn Baber
Alison Bartusiak
Paul Bartusiak
Liz Cullinane|
Bridgette Doheny
Deborah Dorris
Margaret Enad
Jacqui Franclemont
Mary Oelerich
Kelsey Gonzalez
Laureen Grieve
Susan Harlocker
Catherine Hurtgen
Susan Harlocker
Sara Harty
Cathy Heaney
Julie Hermsen
Charlotte Raabe-Hielscher
Monica Hayes Jones
Michael Kerns
Rooney Clohisy Kerns '83
LeaAnne LaVanway
Marisol Luna
Kristin Makowski
Megan Morris
Cynthia Noble
Mary Oelerich
Jenn Pattie
Frank Pinn
Maritza Pozo
Debbie Pulaski
Jennifer Randolph
Sylvie Légère Ricketts
Magda Salas
Carole Sandner
Mary Michelle Riley Scalise '79
Jamie Schueneman
Kristofer Swanson
Myrna Swanson
Tricia Sweet
Genie Torcende
Sally McMenamin-Walshe

Woodlands Parents Association Executive Board 2016-2017

Title Name
President Megan Morris
President-Elect Mary Michelle Scalise '79
VP Communications Maria Allen
VP Programs Myrna Swanson
VP Student LifeMaureen Anger
VP Father Relations Frank Pinn
Recording SecretaryBlair Lele

Alumnae Volunteers

Woodlands Academy Alumnae Board 2016-2017

Marguerite Clohisy Vitulski '81

Vice President
Kamy Moorman Durot '80

Caitlin Saville Collins '02

Helen Bruns Ryan '50
Maureen Hogan Lang '56
Patricia M. Colbert '69
Mary Clare Spencer Starshak# '74
Felicia Davis O'Malley '77
Kathleen Reidy '77•
Mary Norris Clohisy '81
Itty Buckingham Sampson '81
Kiki Hamilton Clark (Villa Duchesne '82)
Jennifer Laue Fraboni '82
Bridget Kleiderer, '83
Sarah Mullane Georgi '88
Marni Soderlund Mans, '90
Heidi Fennewald Kuharich (Barat College '92)
Margaret M. Wenzel '97
Cheryl Dunlap (Barat College '00)
Aisling Kerns '05
Leslie Dill '12
Sr. Mary Bernstein, RSCJ (Sheridan Road '64)

Friends of the School

Joan Burke
Garrett Dee
Sara Graham
Mary Ellen Mason
Evelyn Neu
Anne Searles
Ellen Searles
Gwen Stetson
Genie Torcende
Maria Flanagan Vailliancourt