Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Society

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Society

Membership in the Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Society includes donors whose contributions exceed $2,500 during the fiscal year.

Barat Circle - $100,000+

Susan Saint James Ebersol and Dick Ebersol '63
Robert and Susan (Brennan) Morrison '69 In Honor of: Eileen Bruck Brennan, Barat College '48
Mr. Thomas A. Reynolds, III
Alain and Barbara# Wood-Prince (Noroton '54)

Woodlands Circle - $50,000+

Mr. and Mrs.# Scott Dickes (Erin Schornack) '87
Prince Charitable Trusts
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge

1858 Circle - $25,000+

The Bruning Foundation
Margaret Mary# Barry O’Neill '49 and John Conley
Rosemary "Mickey" Williams DeMore '49
The Goizueta Foundation
Mr.#and Mrs. Terry M. Rozdolsky
Mr. and Mrs.# Joseph B. Starshak (Mary Clare Spencer) '74

1904 Circle - $15,000+

Barat Education Foundation
Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. H. John Gilbertson, Jr.
Mr.# and Mrs. Scott E. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sandner
The Slaughter Family, Susanne#
Mr. Daniel J. Wilson and Ms. Kit K. Mahlman
Edward and Dara Wood-Prince

1961 Circle - $10,000+

Patricia M. Colbert '69
Robert E. Gallagher Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Grumhaus, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Herrmann (Catherine Wiegand) '75
Learn 6 Charter School
The Siragusa Family Foundation
Suzanne McKenna Sullivan# '72
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Swift (Dodie Joyce) '87
Mr. and Mrs.# Thomas F. White (Mary Clare Pollard) '64

Blue Ribbon Circle - $5,000+

Mary (Considine'78) and Dave Andersen
Kathryn Bateman '04
Mrs. Gwen Gregory-Conzelman
Alan and Celeste Denton
Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC
Betsy Stahler Fallon '94
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Hambleton
Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago
Jane McAuliffe Kearns '68
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kohlmeyer
McElroy Furs
Mr.# Thomas McMenamin and Dr. Catherine Sally Walshe
John Gibbons and Carlette McMullan '76
Mr.# and Mrs. Francis J. Oelerich, III
Ann and Mike Patterson
Mr.# and Mrs. James D. Pattie
The R.J. Mullen, Sr. & Family Foundation: Kathryn Mullen '77, Margaret J. Mullen '73, Teresa M. Mullen '80
Juan and Tami(Hoekstra '80) Rocha
Shell Oil Co. Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Steele
Honorable Susan# L. Kennedy-Sullivan '70
Mr.#and Mrs. Kristofer Swanson
Wendy Wood-Prince

Green Ribbon Circle - $3,000+

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Anger
Jean H. Downey '43
Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago
Mariani Landscape
M. Julie McKinley# '74
Mr. and Mrs.• Donald Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. George H.D. Schulz (Deborah Craft '67)
Ms. Margaret Steele•
Mr. and Mrs. David Venkus

Pink Ribbon Circle - $2,500+

Judy and Jerry Castellini
Ms. Susan Charboneau
Mr. and Mrs. John Doheny
Mr. and Mrs. H. John Gilbertson
Jane McAuliffe Kearns '68
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kohlmeyer
Lake Forest Bank & Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Keith LaVanway
Motorola Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David G. O’Neill
Joanne Unkovskoy '49

† Deceased #Board of Trustees •Faculty/Staff