Benefactors Society

Benefactors Society

Red Ribbon Circle - $1,000+

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Allen
Jill Doyle Alley '52
Mr. Cesar Athie and Mrs. Adriana Quintero
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Alutto
Therese Boswell '91
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bowler III
Aileen Roberson Brown '87
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Buckardt (Kate Hollenhorst) '78
Candida M. Casey (Greenwich '72) and Dr. Richard Beatty
Mr. and Mrs. Xuanzhong Chen
Mr. Wei Chen and Mrs. Xue Mei Li
Susan Craft# '64
Edward C. Coffey (Joan L. Coffey) †
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coughlin
Mr. Niall Cullinane and Mrs. Elizabeth Crimmins-Cullinane
William B. and Christine A. Denniston
Mariclaire Halligan Dixon '63
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Dorris
Karen Fincutter '95
Jere and Anne Fluno
Susan Larkin Fontaine '75
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffrey Geldermann
Vanessa Genger: In memory of David L. Genger †
Mr. Xiang Kai Gong and Ms. Renhong Lu
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham, III
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Grieve
Marilyn and John Hagnell
Elizabeth O’Neill Hamlin '74: In honor of Margaret Mary# Barry O’Neill Conley '49
Mr. Zhiming Hao and Ms. Jun Wan
Marianne Sullivan Hayes '76
Mr. Tianjun He and Ms. Meng Yang
Dr. Zongyue He and Dr. Ruoqian Pu
Mr. and Mrs. Colm Heaney
Heather Campbell Henry '59
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Holland Jo Ann Hilliard* '71
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hilliard
Robert Hilliard
HUB International Limited
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jacks
Mr. Zhaorui Jiang and Ms. Xingzhi Cao
Catherine Roberts Kane '66
Jane McAuliffe Kearns '68
Barbara Keilwitz•
Mr. and Mrs. Mark# Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerns (Rooney Clohisy) '83
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Leahy
Mr. Shuge Li and Ms. Jie Zheng
Mr. Geng Liu and Ms. Hongbin Cha
Mr. Raul A. Lozano and Ms. Maria Estela Marroquin
Mr. Wei Lu and Haiyan Chen
Mr. Francisco Martin Del Campo and Mrs. Rosalina Lizaola
Cathy Looby McCourt '66
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKiernan
Mr.# Thomas McMenamin and Dr. Catherine Sally Walshe
Mr. Mingqi and Mrs. Yin Cao
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris
Mrs. Robert Mullane
Julia O’Donnell Murphy '78
Mr. Taesung Park and Mrs. Sunghee Chang
Pasquesi, Sheppard & Co.
Roxanne Quigley '61
Dede Bremner Reedy '49
Karen Campbell Reid '57
Dr. Kathleen Ann Remlinger '68
Patricia Murray Rendina '99
Dr. Cecelia Ricketts '82
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ricketts
Tami Hoekstra Rocha '80•
Julie Wolff Roush '82
Mr. and Mrs. George Scalise
Bruce and Christine Schmidt•
Marie Sebrechts '73
Seven ‘C’ Foundation: Jana (Westrich '71) and James Cathcart
Mr. Yixin Sha and Mrs. Aihong Gao
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simons
Sharon L. Stade '85
Quinn and Debbie Stepan '79
Mr. Changsong Teng and Ms. Jinqing Wang
Mr. and Mrs.# Steven Tomkins
Rebecca Baxter Wafer '72
Mr. Mingqi Wang and Mrs. Yin Cao
Mr.# Stephen H. Wenc and Ms. Sara Harty
Cynthia Cunningham Whalen '56
Mr. Zhiqiang Yang and Ms. Jing Jin
Mr. Huichun Zhang and Ms. Zhaodi Wang
Gina and Molly '16 Zisook

Heritage Club - $500+

Angelika Angino
Mr.# Timothy Archibald
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Bartusiak
Libby O’Donnell Berner '80
The Bolton Sullivan Fund
Cindy and Bob Broten
M. Christina Curran '80
William B. and Christine A. Denniston
Katherine L. Devers, '56
The Judy Family Foundation: Brittany Duncan '01
Laurie Day Fitzpatrick '70
Susan Larkin Fontaine '75
Jennifer Murtaugh Fritzsche '88
Mr. Thomas Gatins: In memory of Mrs. Dea Monda Gatins '67 †
Isabel Gallagher Glading '70
Katherine Gallagher Goese '77
Grand Foods
Bob and Ceci Greco
Hannah Judy Gretz
Mr. and Mrs. Pierson Grieve
Hansa Coffee
Marianne Sullivan Hayes '76
Ginny and David Hiteshew
Jenifer D. Holderman '80
Mary Tiernan Kamarczewski '75
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerns (Maryruth Clohisy '83)
Elizabeth Kurowski•
Lake County Press
Tricia and John Lanctot
Ellen Reynolds Largay '81
Peter and Catherine Lawler
Jim and Linda Leahy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Makowski
Stephen Markscheid
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKiernan
Therese McCaffrey McConville '61
Paul Melichar: In honor of Selene Serkland '16 and Anna Serkland '20
Kathleen Kelly Burrell Monaghan '64
Anne and Steve Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noble
Felicia Davis O’Malley '77
Kathleen Brummel O’Regan '60
Mr. John Parkinson and Ms. Marianne Wood
Virginia L. Roberts '71
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rooney
Julie Wolff Roush '82
Robert and Mary Rudnik
Christine and Bruce Schmidt•
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schornack
Lisa Stokes Seifried '76
Mr. and Mrs. Donnan Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Steele
Sweet Pete’s Candy
Mary and John Swift
Rebecca Baxter Wafer '72
Maureen Haggerty Warmuth '75
Donald and Mary Hickey Weiss '66
Patricia E. Whitman '65
Elizabeth Whitmore '75

Century Club - $100+

Anonymous (6)
Patricia Conlin Adams '67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albertson (Bridget Egan) '79
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Allen
Meredith Brewster Amezquita '08
Mary Gillard Anderson '94
Mary Jo Artwohl (Farago Sisters)
Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Baker
Jeanne Ballot 87
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Barnes & Ashley '07
Geri-Anne Benning '63
Colleen Berezny '92
Louise W. Berezny
Libby O’Donnell Berner '80
Sr. Mary Bernstein, RSCJ
Mr. and Dr. Albert C. Bettuzzi
Katie Frost Bibbs '75
Kathleen Conerty Bishop '64 †
Mr. Dan Boddicker and Mrs. Thais Siqueira-Boddicker
Elizabeth Greco Boehlert '96
Courtney McElyea Booth '06
Clare Croghan Borah '81
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bowler, III
Dr. Mary Dallman Boyer '73
Patricia Adams-Boykin '67
Catherine Corbett Brady '62
Maggie Hayden Bramley '94
Patricia Lyons Breen '53 †
Maudie Williams Bremer '54
Nancy Bremner '68
Bright Funds Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruckmann
Jeanne Grafft Burke '69
Carol Davis Burkholder '60
Mary Ellen Cagney '68
Carney Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Carney
Kathleen Carney '77
Ricardo Cerillo
Michelle Chelap
Mary Christoph '74
John and Kiki Clark, '82 (Villa Duchesne)
Kimberly Clark•
Elliot Coffey•
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collins
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Conklin
Mary Faith Cook '76
Catherine Corbett Brady '62
The Corbin Family
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Costanzo
Lee Costello
Beth Kralovec Coughlin '70
Kathleen Creed '91•
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Croghan
Toni Cucco '75
Kathryn Moorman Durot '80
Donna and Wesley Dalton
Mrs. Anne DeAcetis
Elizabeth Perry Devaney '89
Mr. and Mrs. John Doheny
Alyson Naimoli Dorfman '89
Annette Dorheim '78 and Tracy Dorheim
Catherine Dorman '13
Anne Margaret Dougherty '83
Joan K. Downey '43
Mary Katherine Driscoll '54
Brittany Duncan '01
Kathleen Lynch Dunn '61
Kamy Moorman Durot '80
Mr. and Mrs. David Egan
Mr. and Mrs. Troy M. Enad
Madeleine Kennedy Engerman '84
Betsy Stahler Fallon '94
Tama Soderlund Filpi '93
Kathy and Joe Fivelson•
Mary Fritz Flocco '77
Michael Ford•
Gail Green Forsyth '51
Meg Fox '70
Laura Foy '79
Jenny Pickell Freidheim '98
Barbara Fritsch•
Victoria Gadomski•
Dr. Priya Gaiha '95
Anne Murphy Gallagher '70
Dr. Bernice Elizabeth Gallagher '61
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gargola
Mr. Thomas Gatins: In memory of Dea Monda Gatins '67 †
Sarah Mullane Georgi '88
Rosemary E. Gerharz '64
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gibson
Isabel Gallagher Glading '70
Patricia Perkins Glaub '64
Mrs. Barbara S. Gorham
Gorter Family Foundation: Virginia and Scott Mitchell: In honor of Sr. Fran de la Chapelle, RSCJ
Meg Gramins '95
Tom and Mary Gramins•
Bob and Ceci Greco
Mr. Stephen R. Gretz
Connie Nester Griffith '44
Mr. Antonio S. Gutierrez and Ms. Michelle Chelap
London and Rose Haage•
Ms. Jun Wan and Mr. Zhiming Hao
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Harlocker
Mrs. Carole F. Hayes
Susan Floberg Hayes '63
Jane Geldermann Haupt '75
Nancy Sternig Head '65
Ms. Linda Z. Hegg
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hinderhofer
Tempest Koch Hinkamp '47
Jeanie Downey Hocking '78
Kelly Holmes '98
Annie Hudson '07
Katherine Hudson '08
Kathi Hudson '77
Margaret M. Huff '68
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jacks
Fred and Jeanne Jackson
Leanne Johnson '91
Lynn Sarah Jorden '07
The Judy Foundation: Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Judy
Candy Kaiser '71
Mary Kamraczewski '75
Joy Fiorini Kaspi '80
Kathleen Kearney '66
Marilyn Kelly '70
Julie Joyce Kenary '80
Dr. Meg Kincaid•
Dee Mulroy King '52
Bridget Kleiderer '83
Bryan and Catherine Kneeland: In memory of Joyce Gab Kneeland
Kathleen Almond Knox '80
Ms. Karen a. Hagnell and Mr. Theodore F. Kommers
Mary Bischel Kowarick '79
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kozak
Teresa Leonardi Kraft '68
Susan J. Krakora '72
Mrs. Cynthia Krueger
Ann Wilhelmina Kuppe '74
Argonne National Laboratory
Hilary Graham La Foley '95
Ellen Reynolds Largay '81
Dr. Marianne B. Larsen
Mrs. Olivia Larsen
Joanna Ducey Lawton '55
Dr. and Mrs. Milind M. Lele
Mrs. Martha Lennane
Cathleen O’Brien Leonard '65
Corinne Conway Leuffer '03
Carol Donovan Levis '59
Yumin Li '03
Andrew and Regina Lind
Anthony Maggio
Marni Soderlund Mans '90
Lynn Martin '64
Reynaldo Marquina
Lenore McCarthy '79
Catherine Looby McCourt '66
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. McClusky
Janet M. McCue
Susie Dell McDonald '71
Jane McEnaney '08
Susanne V. McPhillips
Mary Beth O'Connor McGivern '57
Joan Meyer '59
Mr. Stephen Miller
Mrs. Ronald M. Miniat
Allison Mitchell '91
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Mitchell
Kathleen Kelly Monaghan '64
Mr. and Mrs. Isreal Monroy
Gael Grafft Moyers '63
Kathryn A. Mullen '77
Eileen and John F. Mundy '65
Mr. and Mrs. George Murray
Father Mike Nacius
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Nash
Edith O’Brien '77
Joan E. O’Brien '72
Kathleen Runkle O’Brien '56
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oldenburg
Mr. Norman P. Olson
Anne Gallagher O’Malley '74
Kathleen Brummel O’Regan '60
Sara Loosen Otto '95
Livesey Pack '13
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Pall
Mary Parisoe•
Mr. Jeffrey M. Parker and Mrs. Lynn Baber
Amy Isaac Perlick•
Amy and Anthony Perry•
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Peter
Allison Dura Peterson '97
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Pinn, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pinn
Eileen Kelly Pope '67
Mr. and Mrs. John Popoli
Tracy Schornack Power '87
Marion M. Powers '73
Ms. Maritza Pozo
Marina Carney Puryear '76
Beverly Koolish Pyster '67
Roxanne Quigley '61
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Quigley
Susan Crouch Rassas '64
Kathleen Reidy '77•
Julia Leason Reisig '61
Ms. Virginia Reilly '64
Ennedy D. Rivera '93
Virginia L. Roberts '71
John A. Rocha
Blanche Guerin Rockwell '43
Ellen Roberson Romeiser '63
Helen Bruns Ryan '50
Mary Michelle Riley Scalise '79
Kathleen O’Connor Schell '69
The Schell Family Foundation
Jeanne Stepan Schoder '77
Theresa Schoenherr
Winifred Meyer Scott '60
Katie Segerdahl '96
Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Sharp, IV
Lucy Cavataio Sheata '65
Alyssa Silge '16
Patricia Chapman Graham Skoul '62
Suzanne Berry Slattery '68
Kim Smith '77
Madalenne R. Smith
Cecilia F. Sommers '53
Mr. and Mrs. T. Richard Stahler
Paul and Anne Stecko
Margaret Mary O'Neill Stoetzel '70
Maura Sullivan '07
Mr. and Mrs. David A.F. Sweet
Jeff Swinson
Julie Wallace Taylor '70
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor
Julianne Smith Tewart '75
Linda Tilton•
Elaine Mack Timbers '67
Anne M. Tower '83
Colleen and Arthur Treutler•
Jennifer A. Vlazny '86
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Voisin
Janice Walsh Waldman '73
Susan Wanamaker '05
Marilee Stepan Wehman '53
Dr. Bridget Weishaar '92
Jamie Tuttle and Paul Williams•
Marguerite Chloisy Vitulski '81
Jennifer A. Vlazny '86
Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Voisin
Joy Gibbons Wallace '64
Wenban Funeral Home
Jan van Marwijk Kooy and Amanda Vondrak
Marguerite Clohisy Vitulski '81
Janice Walsh Waldman '73
Karey Walker
Joy Gibbons Wallace '64
Marilee Stepan Wehman '53
Beth Zur Weiss '78
Fariba Amani Weitgenant '80
Wells Fargo
Margaret M. Wenzel '97
Nancy Zannini '65
Marcella Reca Zipp '99

Patrons Club - Up to $99

Anonymous (5)
Martha Marhoefer Abbate '61
Sue Abderholden '72
Brooke Kemper Alholm '93
Julian Alutto '16
Katie Frost Bibbs '75
Michaela Bowler '13
Maria Boyle '00
Cheryl Breckinridge•
Rosemary Briesch•
Patrick and Vicki Browne•
Erin Brysiewicz•
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Bull
Pamela Cadden '79
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carrington
Frances De La Chapelle, RSCJ
Jennifer Halloran Chapman '95
Ann Curtin•
Ann Baumstark Dau '61
Kelly Derrig•
Becky DeRosa•
Shannon Dey•
Susan Dickman•
Lauren Egan '96
Joyce Ende•
William Gabaldon•
Victoria Gadomski•
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Gargiulo•
KC Fuller Garrett '88
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Gargola
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gibson
Gorter Family Foundation
Caylee Hamilton '17
Ann Dowdle Harter '69
Carole F. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hegg
Josefina Riva Hempel '73
Dr. Beth Ann Hirose '96
Martha Hollenhorst '74
Elizabeth Huff '00
Donald Hyatt
Ms. Renee M. Jacques '97
Jack and Lee Jashelski
Mary Candice Kaiser '71
Sr. Bonnie Kearney, RSCJ
Sr. Nancy Kehoe, RSCJ
Ms. Lois Kelly
Sr. Nancy Kehoe, RSCJ
Amy Ford Keohane '81
Nora Kerr '95
Elayne P. Knauer
Maureen Hogan Lang '56
Mary Jo Leahy '65
Molly McCarthy Leamon '74
Martha Lennane
Jane Lennon•
Mr. and Mrs. James Liggett
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Y. Ling
Joan Murtaugh Lovering '55
Alexandra Maegdlin•
Dr. Mihaela Marcusanu•
Katie Hussey Marx '64
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mast
Mary Blesius McCarthy '49
Mrs. Janet M. McCue
Susie Dell McDonald '71
Sr. M. Margaret McDonnell, RSCJ
Katherine Bick Merritt '61
Jane McEnaney '08
Lauren Moldenhauer•
Mr. and Mrs. Isreal Monroy
Mona Lyden Moore '74
Austen Murrow '10
New York Life
Shannon Quinn Norton '78
Edith O’Brien
Elizabeth Gassert O'Keefe '65
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O’Meara
Norman P. Olson
Remy O’Neill '09
Rebecca H. Pasquesi '95
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pinn, Sr.
The Popcorn Factory
Mary Frances Popit '05
Margaret O'Brien Puckett '93
Marina Carney Puryear '76
Susan Crouch Rassas '64
Julia Leason Reisig '61
Sr. Patricia Reiss, RSCJ
Mary Ellen Rowe
Belise Rutagengwa '07
Mary Ryan•
Dr. Kathleen Moorhead Saxon '98
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Scalise (Mary Michelle Riley) '79
Barbara Silge
Madalenne R. Smith
Meghan Raffo Stufflebeem '94
Eileen Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Tashijan
Sophia Thundercloud '58
Linda Tilton•
Chloe Tomkins '15
Top Hat
Jamie Tuttle and Paul Williams•
Stephanye Vela '11
Teresa Nudo Vitolo '97
Laurie Doyle Vos '65

† Deceased #Board of Trustees •Faculty/Staff