Endowments, Scholarships & Restricted Gifts

Endowments, Scholarships & Restricted Gifts


Prince Charitable Trust


Anonymous (2)
Barat Education Foundation
The Bruning Foundation
Dr. Mary Dallman Boyer '73
Carney Family Foundation
Joan L. Coffey Scholarship
Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Marilyn Fincutter Memorial Scholarship: Karen Fincutter
The J.D. Fluno Family Charitable Fund
The Edward E. Ford Foundation
The Judy Family Foundation
The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
The Goizueta Foundation
The Gorter Family Foundation
Haggerty Award
Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural Foundation of Chicago
John Gibbons and Carlette McMullan ʹ76
The R. J. Mullen Sr. & Family Foundation: Kathryn Mullen Idlas ʹ77, Margaret J. Mullen ʹ73, Teresa M. Mullen ʹ80
O’C Family Foundation: Chris Lane, Patricia Mergner
The William F. O’Connor Foundation: Joanne (Simon'49) Unkovskoy, Grand Haven Area Community Foundation
The Saint Paul Foundation: Pierson and Florence Grieve
The Seven ʹCʹ Foundation: James and Jana (Westrichʹ71) Cathcart
The Schell Family Philanthropy: Mr. Michael and Mrs. (Kathleen O’Connorʹ69) Schell
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
The Siragusa Family Foundation
Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation: Susan Reynolds Sullivan ʹ55
Cynthia Cunningham Whalen ʹ56


Anonymous (2)
Marianne Cahill ʹ69
The Circle of Service Foundation (Robotics)
Patricia M. Colbert ʹ69
Margaret Mary# Barry O’Neill Conley '49*
Haggerty Award
The S. and J. Hamilton Charitable Fund
Lynn Jorden ʹ07
Mr. Michael and Mrs. (Rooney Clohisy '83)
Motorola Solutions
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
Alain and Barbara# Wood-Prince (Noroton '54)


Anonymous (2)
Charlie and Jorie Alutto
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Barnhart
Catherine Beckmann '75
The Bruning Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll
Candida M. Casey# (Greenwich '72)
Patrica Colbert ʹ64
Margaret Mary# Barry O’Neill Conley ʹ49
Susan# Craft ʹ64
Shaylyn Cullen
Brian and Laura Curley
Mrs. and Mrs. Allen Denton
Mr. and Mrs.# Scott Dickes (Erin Schornak ʹ87)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Donnelly
Sheila and Keith Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom F. Flint
Mr. Robert Gallagher: In Memory of Isabel Gallager
Kathryn and John Gilbertson
Mr. and Mrs. David Grumhaus, Jr.
Mr.# and Mrs. Scott E. Hamilton
Mark# and Pam Kendall
M. Margaret# McDonnell, RSCJ
Jane McEnaney ʹ08
M. Julie# McKinley ʹ74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morrison (Susan Brennan ʹ69): In honor of Eileen Bruck Brennan, Barat College class of 1948
Mr.# and Mrs. Francis J. Oelerich III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Neill
Ann and Mike Patterson
Prince Charitable Trusts
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rozdolsky
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
The Slaughter Family
In Honor of the Spencer Family
Suzanne (McKenna ʹ72) and William Sullivan
William Bartholomay Foundation: In Memory of Suzanne F. Reynolds
Mr. Dan Wilson and Ms. Kit Mahlman
Alain and Barbara# Wood-Prince (Noroton '54)

Congé Paddle Raise (Woodlands Opportunities Fund)

Mr.# Tim Archidald
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartusiak
Mary Bernstein, RSCJ
Mr. and Mrs. William Bowler III
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Kate (Hollenhorst '78) Buckardt
Ms. Susan Charboneau
Mr. Brendan and Mrs. Caitlin Collins '02
Margaret Mary# Barry O’Neill Conley '49 and John Conley
Susan# Craft '64
Mr. Niall Cullinane and Mrs. Elizabeth Crimmons-Cullinane
Mr. and Mrs. D. Alan Denton
Mr. and Mrs.# Scott Dickes (Erin Schornack) '87
Kathryn and John Gilbertson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Grieve
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hambleton
Mr.# and Mrs. Scott Hamilton
Ginny and David Hiteshew
HUB International
Nancy Kehoe, RSCJ
Honorable Susan# Sullivan-Kennedy '70
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Maryruth (Rooney Clohisy '83) Kerns
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kohlmeyer
Ellen Reynolds Largay '81
Marni Mans '90
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley McDonald
Ms. Margaret Steele
M. Margaret McDonnell, RSCJ
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKiernan
M. Julie# McKinley ʹ74
Mr.# Thomas McMenamin and Dr. Catherine Sally Walshe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris
Kathryn Mullen '77
Father Mike Nacius
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noble
Mr.# and Mrs. Francis Oelerich III
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oldenburg
Mr.# and Mrs. J. David Pattie
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Quigley
Kathleen Reidy '77
John A. Rocha
Mr. and Mrs. Juan (Tami Hoekstra '80•) Rocha
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rozdolsky
Mr. and Mrs.• Donald Sheppard
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simons
Mr. and Mrs.# Steven Slaughter
Mary Clare# (Spencer ʹ74) and Joseph Starshak
Mr. and Mrs. Donnan Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Steele
Suzanne# Mckenna Sullivan '72
Mr.# and Mrs. Kristofer Swanson
Mr. and Mrs.# Steven Tomkins
Thomas F. and Mary Clare (Pollard '64) White
Alain and Barbara# Wood-Prince (Noroton '54)
Gina Zisook

Special Intention Record

In Memory of Kathleen C. Bishop ’64
Mark Bishop

In Memory of Sr. Georgie Blaeser, RSCJ '58
Jenifer D. Holderman '80

In Memory of Santiago Echeveste
Sheri B. Adelson

In Memory of Mark K. Eck
Mary Ryan

In Memory of Janet Newell Hilliard (Barat College '05)
Mrs. Angelika Angino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Bull
Ms. Lee Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hilliard
Mr. Robert Hilliard
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hinderhofer
Mr. and Mrs. (Jo Ann '71) Mark W. Holland Family
Mr. Donald Hyatt
Lake County Press
Mr. and Mrs. James Liggett
Mr. Anthony J. Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mast
Mrs. Steven J. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rooney
Ms. Mary Ellen Rowe
Mrs. Theresa Schoenherr
Ms. Eileen Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Tashijan
Wenban Funeral Home

In Memory of Catherine F. Rollings '73
Mrs. Marion M Powers '73

Center for Global Studies

Vanessa Genger: In memory of David Genger
Mr. and Mrs. Keith LaVanway
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
Mr.# and Mrs. Kristofer K. Swanson
Julianne Smith Tewart '75
Gina Zisook

Madonna Lee Edmunds Endowed Language Faculty Position

Bank of America
Aileen (Roberson '87) and Robert Brown
The Bruning Foundation
William B. and Christine A. Denniston
Catherine (Wiegand '75) and Jack Herrmann
Mr.# Thomas P. McMenamin and Dr. Catherine Sally Walshe
Lisa (Stokes'76) Seifried
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
Mary Clare # (Spencer ʹ74) and Joseph Starshak: Honoring the Spencer Family

Living the Mission

Mary (Considine'78) and Dave Andersen
The Bruning Foundation
Mrs. and Mrs. Allen Denton
Gwen Conzelman Gregory
Ann and Mike Patterson
Prince Charitable Trusts
Mr.# and Mrs. Christian B. Silge
The Slaughter Family
Dodie (Joyce '87) and Stewart Swift
Mr.# Stephen H. Wenc and Ms. Sara Harty
Thomas F. and Mary Clare# (Pollard '64) White
Mr. and Mrs.# Alain Wood-Prince Barbara (Noroton '54)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wood-Prince: In honor of Barbara Wood-Prince

Gloria Dei Project


Transforming Lives Capital Campaign

Mary Clare # (Spencer ʹ74) and Joseph Starshak

† Deceased #Board of Trustees •Faculty/Staff