Dear Parents and Friends of Woodlands Academy,

Thank you to each of you for your gifts to Woodlands Academy.

Journalist and author Cokie Roberts is a Sacred Heart alumna. In a video for the Network of Sacred Heart schools she discussed how, in her Sacred Heart experience, being taken seriously during her formative years was a source of great confidence in her life. Her firm moral base and sense of commitment were learned “both at home and very strongly in Sacred Heart schools.”

Woodlands Academy strives to ensure that each of our young women gains self-knowledge, energy, and purpose so she can greet life with courage and confidence. In our Sacred Heart school setting, the development of integrity and rootedness in truth are essential objectives. With these as a foundation for their lives, our students are prepared for important life choices rooted in the values and confidence they learned at Woodlands.

I am sincerely grateful for your support of this important work. My hope is that you will be blessed abundantly for your generosity to Woodlands Academy.


Meg Steele
Head of School