The intention of Sacred Heart education is to address the whole person. You come as you are and are cared for with great love. The hope is to implant you a sacred love for yourself, to challenge you to be more honest, to lead you along the road of integrity.

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Recreating Animation History through Experimental Machines

Dates: July 31-Aug 4, 12:30-4
Age group: Rising 7-9 graders
Cost: $250


This exciting new course will study the early history of animation and make working machines that trace the unique hands-on progress of early animators. We will storyboard, draw, paint, and then move on to making thaumatropes, phenakitoscopes, zoetropes, and flipbooks. These will be geared, motorized, and battery-operated to work autonomously.


Justin Goh joined Woodlands Academy in October 2019. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mr. Goh worked as a graphic designer, cartographer, and GIS technician, then switched track and started a commercial photography career, first as an assistant, then as a photographer and digital tech. He has worked in the arts in numerous other positions, including set designer, prop master, and art handler. Mr. Goh has exhibited consistently for the past 20 years, both nationally and internationally.


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GrowGirl is an all-girls summer day camp open to campers entering grades 4-9. Taught by world-class faculty from Woodlands Academy, this camp offers a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary approach to exploration, growth, and fun!

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