The intention of Sacred Heart education is to address the whole person. You come as you are and are cared for with great love. The hope is to implant you a sacred love for yourself, to challenge you to be more honest, to lead you along the road of integrity.

- Life at the Sacred Heart

Service & Ministry

We must remember that each one of our children is destined for a mission in life. Neither we nor they can know what it is, but we must know and make them believe that each one has a mission in life and that she is bound to find out what it is, that there is some special work for God which will remain undone unless she does it, some place in life which no one else can fill.
Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ

Guided by the Sacred Heart Goal of fostering “an active faith in God,” Woodlands Academy encourages students both to reflect individually and to contribute their time and many talents to our community’s liturgies, prayer services, and student retreats.

Campus Ministry

Woodlands Campus Ministry Team is composed of students from all grade levels and many faith traditions. Team members meet weekly to envision, write, and implement diverse liturgical celebrations for the school community. Students serve as leaders of prayer, readers, speakers, artists, dancers, musicians and Eucharistic Ministers. Great care is taken to make all celebrations creative, meaningful and memorable experiences for the Woodlands Community.

Liturgies & Prayer Services

Service Program

The Woodlands Academy Service Program promotes Sacred Heart Goal III, “a social awareness that impels to action.” Freshman are required to do 10 hours of service during their first year. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to do 20 hours of service per year. Once a year, students must complete a written reflection for each of their service sites. Students are required to complete 20 hours of service in an area of concentration. This area of concentration will drive their Senior Capstone Service Project. Additionally, each year, all Woodlands students, faculty and staff come together for a Day of Service.