Residential Life

The Woodlands Academy Residence Life Program offers our boarding students a nurturing community that they can truly call “home.”

Our program attracts students who have a strong desire to succeed in their studies and who wish to participate in life at a Sacred Heart school. Our residents form invaluable friendships and grow in respect for individual differences as they undertake new responsibilities in group living.

The Residence Life Staff offer our boarding students stability and continuity 24/7. Residents live in single or double rooms on two floors of the residence hall, which is conveniently on the upper floors of the main academic building. Our residential facilities include wireless Internet access, student lounges, a kitchen, study rooms, a computer lab, shower facilities, fitness room, and a laundry room. Our Residence Life staff are present on both floors at all times. After school hours, boarding students have access to our library, music practice rooms, dining hall, and kitchen.

Westleigh Road Foods provides balanced and healthy meals to our boarding students daily and lunch to the entire Woodlands community on school days.

Dorm Life

The Woodlands Residence Life Program gives boarders a special perspective about the Sacred Heart community. Living in our dorms provides an opportunity to become fully immersed in the school’s academic and extracurricular programs. Residents gather regularly to share meals, to socialize, to experience different cultures, and to make lifelong friends.

We encourage our boarders to make their rooms and common areas feel like home. Family pictures, student art, hometown memorabilia, and white boards with quotes and messages adorn the hallways and room walls.

Woodlands welcomes parents on campus at any time. We encourage parents to contact their daughter’s Advisor to assist communication with both the school and their child. The Advisory Program provides valuable support to families during their daughter’s time at Woodlands.

Boarders often return home on scheduled school breaks. Houseparents are available to assist with travel arrangements.

Woodlands requires residents to share one activity as a community per semester, such as a theater or dance performance. We also encourage boarding students to explore activities and destinations off-campus as frequently as their schedules allow.

Houseparents live in our residence hall, and have specific responsibilities and serve as resources for our boarding students in all aspects of life, both at Woodlands and off-campus. Among their many roles, houseparents implement policies and procedures, provide consent when required, supervise meals, and offer students care and support.

Connecting with Home

School telephones, e-mail, and snail mail are readily available to boarders to ensure that they are easily able to contact their families. Most residents also have personal mobile phones and use Skype and other video-conferencing technology to connect with home. Boarders often return home on scheduled school breaks.

Parents also connect with the school on social media to get sneak peek into life at Woodlands.

Woodlands welcomes parents to visit their daughters on campus at any time.

Fun on the Weekends

Daily Schedule

Boarding students begin their day with breakfast, and then join day students for advisory at 8:15 a.m. Classes are held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. After school, students can participate in a daily off-campus trip, sports, extracurricular and community service activities, and end their day with dinner and evening study.


Weekends at Woodlands are the perfect time to unwind and have fun. On a typical Friday, a houseparent chaperones a trip to a Chicagoland shopping mall where boarders can shop, go to a movie, and enjoy a meal off-campus. Saturdays bring energy and excitement as boarders share activities planned by our houseparents. Saturday night often includes ordering take-out dinner. On Sundays, boarders can attend local church services, join the weekly shopping expedition to Target, or prepare for the week ahead. Our houseparents provide transportation to off-campus sites in a 14-passenger luxury van. If permission is requested in advance, houseparents are also available to provide transportation to special events and activities.

Ah, The Weekend

Activities include
  • Six Flags Great America Amusement Park
  • Chicago Cubs & White Sox Baseball Games
  • Socials and Dances
  • Skiing
  • Talent Shows
  • Roller Skating
  • Chicago Site-Seeing
  • Bowling
  • Mini-golf
  • Movies
  • Dinner Outings
  • Shopping Excursions
  • Weekend Pizza Parties
  • Sledding
  • Ice Skating
  • Theater
  • Museums
  • Cookie Baking

Mentor Collective

Mentor Collective is a national online mentoring community for boarding students. As Woodlands Academy boarding student, you will be matched with a trained Woodlands Academy alumnae mentor based on common interests, background, and academics.

What is Mentor Collective at Woodlands Academy?

  • Mentor Collective is a national online mentoring community
  • Woodlands Academy is one of many schools to partner with Mentor Collective to provide support within the community through mentorship
  • Mentor Collective matches incoming Woodlands Academy students with a trained mentor based on common interests, background and academics
  • Mentors are highly qualified Woodlands Academy alumnae

What are the expectations for a Mentor Collective mentorship?

  • MC mentorships involve meeting at least once per month, usually via video chat
  • is the mentorship program’s online home base, where mentors and mentees can…
    • Access discussion guides for each session
    • Share insights on the mentee’s academic and individual concerns

What are other MC mentees saying about the experience?

  • An expert friend before even arriving on campus: “It felt good to talk to someone and get to know the place that'll be your home for the next 4 years!” - Aradhya
  • Real-life examples of how to be successful at school and answers to important questions: “[My mentor] is the type of person that is easy to talk to. He answered all my questions with examples of his friends, which was a bonus for me.” - Bruno
  • A role-model who really gets to know you and helps you reach your goals: “We talked quite a bit about who we are and what we hope to accomplish with our lives.” - Victoria