The intention of Sacred Heart education is to address the whole person. You come as you are and are cared for with great love. The hope is to implant you a sacred love for yourself, to challenge you to be more honest, to lead you along the road of integrity.

- Life at the Sacred Heart

House & Advisory Program

House Program

"The House Program allows all students to interact and work together, promoting friendship and community with those in your grade and across all grade levels. As a proud member and Vice President of House Stuart, I am able to work on leadership and communication with our house council and engage with my peers, all thanks to the House Program. Go, House Stuart!"

Karishma Bhatara '24

In 2022, the House Program launched to start a new Woodlands tradition rooted in the solid foundation of our history and mission as a Sacred Heart School. The goal of Woodlands Student Houses is to continue work to strengthen Goal IV, the building of community. Each House has fostered new relationships and friendships, a sense of togetherness, extra fun integrated throughout the week, and, most importantly, a greater sense of school spirit. The goal is to bring joy, fun and playful competition to our community. 

Each of the four houses represents a Sacred Heart Goal and is aligned with a set of virtues--House Barat Goal I: Personal and active faith in God with the virtues of love and temperance. House Stuart Goal II: Deep respect for intellectual values with the virtues of diligence and discernment. House Duchesne Goal III: A social awareness that impels to action with the virtues of humility and courage, and House Hardey Goal V: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom with the virtues of respect and integrity. Houses are also named after four of the foundational Religious of the Sacred Heart, or RSCJ, that either established or grew the Society of the Sacred Heart. 





Advisory Program

The Advisory Program plays a vital role in each student’s development and quality of life at Woodlands. Upon enrollment, each student is assigned an advisor and becomes a member of a warm, inclusive, and fun advisory group of approximately 10 students. The advisory system is intended to give each student an experience of personal growth within the framework of a stable, small peer group. Students remain in the same advisory for all four years, making it a home away from home while here. 

Advisory groups meet four times weekly for reflection, reviewing upcoming school activities and announcements, and engaging in team building. Students and advisors also meet at the end of each school day for check-out and other scheduled times for specific activities, such as class meetings, service opportunities, and more. Advisors develop personal relationships with each advisee in various ways, including individual conferences. The advisor is the resource person between home and school and a point of contact for parents and guardians.