Advisory Program

The Advisory Program plays a vital role in each student’s development and quality of life at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart. Upon her enrollment at Woodlands, each student is assigned an advisor and becomes a member of a warm, inclusive and fun advisory group of approximately 9-12 members.

The advisory system gives each student an experience of personal growth within the framework of a stable, small peer group. It is her home away from home for her four years at Woodlands. Advisory groups meet four times weekly for reflection, reviewing upcoming school activities and announcements, and engaging in team building. Students and advisors also meet at the end of each school day for check-out and at other scheduled times for specific activities, such as class meetings, service opportunities, etc.

Advisors develop personal relationships with each advisee through a variety of ways, including individual conferences. The advisor serves as the communication link between home and school and is a point of contact for parents and guardians.