The intention of Sacred Heart education is to address the whole person. You come as you are and are cared for with great love. The hope is to implant you a sacred love for yourself, to challenge you to be more honest, to lead you along the road of integrity.

- Life at the Sacred Heart


The Visual and Performing Arts at Woodlands are a vital part of our Sacred Heart education. Our primary goal is to foster creative intellect and passion for the arts within our young creatives.

Freshmen are required to take Introduction to Music, and introduction to Art, and all students must complete a total of two credits of Fine Arts to graduate. Our curriculum includes courses in vocal and instrumental music, drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography, and ranges from introductory classes to Advanced Placement and independent studies.

Students are encouraged to audition for Woodland's extra-curricular choral groups and our theatre productions. Our students participate in music and visual art competitions, and are encouraged to submit their work to local juried visual art exhibitions. Our Fine Arts program also offers opportunities for exceptionally talented students to participate in state and national competitions.