Tuition & Affording Woodlands

A Sacred Heart education is an investment in your daughter's future.


2021-22 Tuition & Fees

Day Tuition: $29,900

5-Day Boarding + Tuition: $51,100

7-Day Boarding + Tuition: $59,700


Michelle Hujer

Bachelor of Arts

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Woodlands Academy is committed to making Woodlands affordable to all accepted students. Providing a diverse educational and social experience for our students enhances academic performance, promotes social awareness, and is critical to sustaining a healthy school culture.

Financial aid supports our commitment to making this exceptional education accessible to families across a wide range of economic circumstances. Each family is an integral part of our community.

Key Information

Our School's Full Name: Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart
Our SSS code: 8284
Due date to complete the PFS: Currently Accepting

Merit Scholarships