Woodlands Traditions

Woodlands Traditions

Celebrating beloved traditions is one way that Woodlands lives Goal IV: A building of community as a Christian value. Through our various Woodlands traditions, students are invited more deeply into the rich history of Sacred Heart education around the world. 





The Mater Ceremony represents a rite of passage for our sophomores as they grow more fully into their time at a Sacred Heart school.

Junior Ring Ceremony is a rite of passage for Sacred Heart students. Each school has its own unique tradition, but all Sacred Heart schools are united in featuring a special ceremony in which juniors receive their rings. Alumnae will often tell stories of finding connection with strangers when they notice a Sacred Heart ring and suddenly they are strangers no more!

The annual Club Fair gives students opportunities to learn about the amazing clubs they can join at Woodlands!

Wildcat of the Week is a tradition where students are recognized for going above and beyond in their service to the school or their peers!

Flag ceremony and Mass of the Holy Spirit is the time we carve out of the fall each year to celebrate the incredible internationality of our Woodlands community.

Sylvie Legere describes how the Imagine Yourself in the C-Suite series encourages young women to take necessary risks in their careers. 

When students are most in need of a break from the stresses that accompany finals week, WACOR, our student governing organization, provides a "puppy party;" a much beloved student service.