Quarterly Sacred Heart Awards Presented to Students and Faculty

Sacred Heart awards for the second quarter of the 2023-24 school year were given to eight Woodlands Academy students and one faculty member in recognition of living the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria in a most visible way.

Goal III, “Students of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to a Social awareness which impels to action,” was chosen by the Woodlands Academy student government as the basis for these awards.

Woodlands Academy students recognized for their efforts in living out this goal were: freshmen Rei Chew and Camila Mendoza; sophomores Claudia de Quevedo Merino and Evelyn (Emmy) Maria Seliga; juniors Grace Jennings and Arina Tverdokhlib; and seniors Megan Caserio and Masha Korostelina.

The adult community Sacred Heart Award recipient was Mr. Jeremy Sands.

Sacred Heart Awards are given based on a vote of the students and ratified by advisors in recognition of good conduct, good spirit, helpful influence, and leadership. They serve to remind the entire Woodlands Academy community of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria.

The Woodlands Academy tradition of Sacred Heart Awards traces its roots to an older Sacred Heart tradition called Primes, where medals were given for politeness, order, and excellence in various academic subjects.

Seven years ago, Woodlands brought back the tradition of awarding ribbons to which St. Rose Philippine Duchesne medals are attached. This tangible symbol reminds the entire community of the spirit of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria and what the community most values in its members. The ribbons were very much the ancestors of the current Sacred Heart Awards.