Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumna Award

Alumnae, trustees, parents, and friends of Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart community are invited to nominate individuals for the Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumnae Award. This award will honor women of Woodlands Academy whose lives exemplify, to an extraordinary degree, the values and standards that Woodlands Academy represents.

Standards for nomination for the award include:

  1. Good standing as a distinguished alumnae. The nominee must have graduated from Woodlands Academy at least five years ago.
  2. Outstanding personal contribution(s). The candidate’s achievements or contributions to society or Woodlands Academy must exceed those which are normally expected. Such achievements or contributions, which may be connected with the nominee’s profession, career, community, or volunteer activities, must be substantiated with evidence, such as awards, publications, press clippings, or testimony from colleagues and associates.
  3. Personal qualities that reflect Woodlands Academy mission statement. Candidates must exemplify the highest ethical, moral, and spiritual values. She should reflect credit on her association with Woodlands Academy and demonstrate the principles of high ethical conduct which Woodlands Academy strives to inculcate.

The Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumnae Selection Committee will review nominations. All nominations will remain active and under consideration for three years after submission.

Anonymous nominations and self-nominations will be accepted.

Kathleen Reidy '77, Alumnae Relations

Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumna Award Recipients

  Name Class Award year
  Deborah Craft Schulz  Class of 1967 (1992)
  Jennifer Maloney O’Brien Class of 1967  (1995)
Monica Haggerty Jaekels Class of 1982 (1999)
  Margaret Haggerty  Class of 1971  (2002)
  Courtney Driscoll  Class of 1998  (2008)
Helen Bruns Ryan Class of 1950 (2009)
Sue Abderholden Class of 1972   (2011)

M. Julie McKinley Class of 1974 (2012)
Betsy Stahler Fallon.jpg

Betsy Stahler Fallon Class of 1994 (2013)

Susan Brennan Morrison Class of 1969  (2014) 
   Susan M. Craft  Class of 1964  (2015)