Spiritual Life

Guided by the Sacred Heart Goal of fostering “an active faith in God,” Woodlands Academy encourages students both to reflect individually and to contribute their time and many talents to our community’s liturgies, prayer services, and student retreats.

Campus Ministry

Woodlands Campus Ministry Team is composed of students from all grade levels and many faith traditions. Team members meet weekly to envision, write, and implement diverse liturgical celebrations for the school community. Students serve as leaders of prayer, readers, speakers, artists, dancers, musicians and Eucharistic Ministers. Great care is taken to make all celebrations creative, meaningful and memorable experiences for the Woodlands Community.


KAIROS (“The Lord’s Time) is an intense four-day retreat and all members of the senior class are encouraged to attend. A team of eight seniors and a group of adult leaders work together for months to prepare this event, which takes place at an off campus retreat facility. Eight juniors also attend as leaders-in-training for the coming year. This often transformative, nation-wide retreat program emphasizes the importance of finding God in the kind deeds of family members and friends and in the experiences that fill everyday life.


As part of our Sacred Heart mission, we provide opportunities for all of our students to explore in a retreat setting what is sacred and holy in their lives.  Each class will have a one-day retreat led by a facilitator who will provide activities and opportunities for silence that engage each one in her personal exploration of her "personal and active faith in God."  These retreats occur in the first semester and are required of all students.