Living at Woodlands

The Woodlands Academy Residence Life Program offers our boarding students a nurturing community that they can truly call “home.” Our program attracts students who have a strong desire to succeed in their studies and who wish to participate in life at a Sacred Heart school.

Our boarders say they form invaluable friendships and grow in respect for individual differences as they undertake new responsibilities in group living.

The Residence Life Staff offer our boarding students stability and continuity 24/7. Boarding students live in single or double rooms on two floors of the boarding school. Our boarding facilities include wireless Internet access, student lounges, a fully equipped and stocked kitchen, study rooms, a computer lab, shower facilities, and a laundry room. Our Residence Life staff are present on both floors at all times. After school hours, boarding students have access to our library, music practice rooms, dining hall, and kitchen.

Westleigh Road Foods provides balanced and healthy meals to our boarding students daily and lunch to the entire Woodlands community on school days. They also stock our boarding school kitchen with healthy snacks that are available to students at all times.