Exchange Program

Through the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Woodlands Academy students have the unique opportunity to study at some of the many Sacred Hearts schools in the United States and abroad for two to four weeks. Living with a host family, or in a boarding school, offers students a unique perspective on teenage and family life around the globe. In recent years, Woodlands students have chosen to study at Sacred Heart schools throughout the United States, as well as Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, England, France, Ireland, and Mexico.

Woodlands Academy regularly welcomes students from the above countries, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Spain, and Scotland, and the number of schools with which Woodlands exchanges students expands every year.

In 2008, Woodlands Academy and Sacré Coeur Wien, the Sacred Heart sister school in Vienna, Austria, began an annual group exchange between the two schools. A group of Woodlands students visits Austria in the fall, and the school welcomes the Sacré Coeur Wien students in the spring. Through this exchange, both communities have had invaluable academic and cultural experiences and have made lasting friendships.

Woodlands families have been generous and gracious in opening up their homes as Host Families to the many exchange students who visit the school every year. Most students stay between two and six weeks, but no family hosts a student for more than three weeks. The rewards of hosting an exchange student are invaluable, as it opens up a new world to every member of the family and forms lasting bonds across nationalities.

For more information on the Woodlands Academy Exchange program, visit the Exchange Program Brochure or contact  Amy Perlick.