Woodlands Mothers Club

Greetings from the Mothers Club President 

Welcome to the Woodlands Mothers Club!

All moms belong to the Mothers Club. Our club strives to build a warm Woodlands Academy community. We organize and volunteer for the major fund-raising events at the school. We actively support the administration and staff. We socialize and are involved in the arts, sports, exchange students/ boarding students and spiritual gatherings. We love to have fun!  Mothers Club is a window in to our daughters lives! We meet on the second Wednesday of every month after drop off at 8:30. Please join us!. Below is a list of activities that you can become a part of.

Please contact me, Gina Zisook at ginalolasanti@aol.com of you have any questions or want to get involved!

Mothers Club President

Members of the Mothers Club make vital contributions to Woodlands Academy as organizers and volunteers for the school’s annual community-building and fund-raising events, such as Winter Wonderwalk and Congé. All Woodlands moms belong to the Mothers Club. In addition to these events, there are many other ways to get involved, socialize with other Woodlands moms, and actively support the Woodlands community. Below is a list of activities and responsibilities that are organized and performed by the Mothers Club.  

Mothers Club 2015-2016    

President: Gina Zisook
Vice President: Megan Morris
Secretary: Maria Allen

Admissions Liaison: LeaAnne LaVanway

Advisory Coordinator:  Julie Hamilton 

Boarding School Liaison: Shelley Cummings 

Campus Beautification: Karey Walker

Exchange Program Liaison: Amanda Vondrak 

Liturgical Liaison: Rooney Kerns

Sports Liaison:  Sue Slaughter

Volunteer Coordinator: Gina Zisook 

WA Store Committee:  Megan Morris, Jeanne McKiernan, Jenn Pattie, LeaAnne LaVanway

Mothers Club Positions 2015-2016  


Plans and oversees Mothers Club activities. Appoints Mothers Club Board and Committee Chairs. Works with Fathers Club President on Joint Parents Association events. Works with Special Events Coordinator and Director of Advancement to coordinate activities with the school.

Vice President

Works with President in planning meetings; takes over for President if she is absent. This is a two-year commitment, as the Vice-President becomes President the following year.


Takes minutes and records attendance at Mothers Club meetings.

Winter Wonderwalk  
Plans, organizes and oversees “Winter Wonderwalk,” our December fundraiser which consists of a housewalk of beautiful homes decorated for the holidays, and a Boutique at the school. There are subcommittees working on specific aspects of Winter Wonderwalk including Houses, Boutique and Refreshment, the Raffle, and decorations.


Plans, organizes and oversees the major fund-raising event of the year. This event takes place in April and includes a dinner, Silent Auction and Live Auction. There are many sub-committees working on Congé including Silent Auction, Live Auction, Ad Book, Program Book and Decorations.

WA Store Committee

Plans, purchases and markets Washwear for the school store. This is a committee of moms who work on the WA School Store. They also supervise the staffing of the store.

Faculty Appreciation Dinner

Plans and implements dinner for teachers and staff the night of fall Parent-Teacher conferences. Works with volunteers who prepare food, handle set up and clean up.

Mother/Daughter Christmas Tea Host

This December event is hosted by a mom and daughter on a Sunday in December. The host’s home must be large enough to accommodate about 100 – 125 guests. A committee works with the hostess to plan food, set up and clean up.

Advisory Coordinator

Finds Freshman Advisory (Room) Moms for each advisory, calls existing Room Moms to ask if they want to continue for the next year and works to replace those that do not. Holds a meeting at the beginning of the year with all Room Moms to review their responsibilities.

Liturgical Liaison

Sends a daily inspirational message by email to those who have requested to be on the mailing listas well as coordinates with the school for liturgies and prayer services.

Volunteer Coordinator

Assists event leaders with coordinating volunteers for each event and activity.


Mothers Club Video

This video was created by Tami Hoekstra Rocha '80, Interim Director of Advancement.  Tami created this for the Mothers Club Induction on September 13th, 2013.  Click here to watch!