Woodlands Fathers Club

Woodlands is an experience for the entire family, and Woodlands dads have an important role to play. All Woodlands dads belong to the Fathers Club, whose purpose is to promote shared quality experiences for dads with their daughters, dads with other Woodlands dads, and dads with the Woodlands Academy community. Each year, fathers and their daughters join together in a number of fun and competitive activities such as Puff Polo, Whirlyball, a Bocce Ball Tournament, and Pins and Pizza. In the past, fathers and daughters have also joined efforts in a service project. There will also be an occasional "Dads Night Out" which brings dads together to socialize. The Fathers Club sponsors special events and works closely with the Mothers Club in support of Woodlands Academy.

2015 - 2016 Officers

Frank Pinn , President 2015 - 2016