First Quarter Sacred Heart Awards Presented Oct. 20

Posted: October 20, 2016

Eight Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart students and one staff member were recognized Oct. 20 with the first quarter Sacred Heart awards.

This tradition traces its roots to an older Sacred Heart tradition called Primes where medals were given for politeness, order and excellence in various academic subjects. Near the end of each marking period, two girls per class and one member of the adult community receive a ribbon and a medal of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne along with a certificate explaining why each was nominated by her peers for living the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria in a most visible way.

“Seven years ago, Woodlands brought back the tradition of ribbons which are long sashes to which the medal is attached,” said Interim Principal Christine Schmidt. “These ribbons were awarded by a vote of the students, ratified by the advisors in recognition of good conduct, good spirit, helpful influence and leadership. This tangible symbol reminds the entire community of the spirit of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria and what the community most values in its members. The ribbons were very much the ancestors of our current Sacred Heart awards.”

For this year’s first quarter Sacred Heart awards, The Woodlands Academy student government selected Goal 4: “Students of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to the building of Community as a Christian value.”

The following students were recognized:

  • Freshmen Jenna Gonzalez and Isabel D’Angelo
  • Sophomores Zhou Sha and Xitali Ochoa
  • Juniors Alexa Cerillo and Sisley Wang
  • Seniors Ashley Zarinana and Cassie Li

In addition, Christine Grasenick, receptionist/cashier, was honored with the adult Sacred Heart Award for welcoming everyone with a smile, offering “good and positive energy for the day,” and taking care of people when they are sick.

Last Updated: November 1, 2016