The Learning Program

The Learning Program (LP) at Woodlands Academy offers supportive services to those students who require a more structured and individualized approach to the learning process. For over 30 years, our unique program has enabled students with mild, diagnosed learning disabilities to achieve success in a college preparatory curriculum. We teach reading comprehension, processing auditory information, organization, specific areas of written language, math, and test-taking strategies.

Our LP specialists give students individual tutorial assistance four times a week. All students are mainstreamed in their academic classes, and LP specialists work with the general faculty to help students to develop learning skills that will maximize their potential.

An IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) is written on the basis of a student’s diagnostic profile. Our goal is to teach students to self-advocate, implement appropriate problem-solving and learning strategies, and to handle their course requirements independently. Ultimately, in accordance with Sacred Heart Goal II, we strive to instill in every student a deep respect for intellectual values, and to enable her to attend a college or university where she can reach her full potential.