Technology is fundamental to a Woodlands Academy education. Our vision for academic technology is that it supports innovative educational practices enabling more personalized and differentiated learning opportunities. We recognize the dynamic potential of new and existing technology to enrich and enhance our students' learning experiences. The school implements technology in a variety of ways to support our faculty, staff, and students’ evolving needs for cutting-edge information access and media functionality.

Some technology facts at Woodlands Academy: 

  • We provide high-speed wireless access to the Internet and our network from anywhere in our building.
  • Woodlands boasts a ratio of 1 networked computer for every 3 students.
  • Every teacher is equipped with an iPad and a wireless laptop.
  • To enhance interactivity and mobility, classrooms and all-school events use Rear Screen Projection SmartBoards.
  • Our Boarding School has its own computer center and wireless Internet access. The Reynolds Technology Center features two computer labs (Mac and PC), equipped with a poster-size color printer, laser printers, high definition display with cable TV and Apple TV service, and digital cameras for video and picture editing.
  • Our student publications use industry standard desktop publishing software. We encourage students to utilize the school's network environment by using their personal Android or MAC iOS devices, including mobile device AirPrint.
  • Printing capabilities are provided throughout the school for faculty, staff, students, and guests.
  • Do technological terms make you uneasy because you aren't sure what they mean? Click here for a glossary of common terms used at Woodlands.