English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL program at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart provides a foundation for English Language Learners to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It provides a supportive environment that focuses on students’ individual language needs and enables them to develop the cultural understanding and performance skills necessary to be successful in both academic and social situations. Students are given a placement test when they arrive on campus to determine what level of ESL they require: ESL I, ESL II, or Advanced ESL. ESL I meets twice day. One class stresses grammatical accuracy and fluency in English while the second class is ESL Literature and Composition, where students will study a variety of literary genres and read works from a wide array of cultures at appropriate reading levels.  

ESL II teaches advanced grammar concepts in conjunction with reading and writing projects. Reading comprehension strategies, analysis and interpretative skills are taught.  Writing is taught as a “process,” that includes formulating ideas and topic sentences, outlining and summarizing, revising, and editing.  

Students are required to take the TOEFL test yearly, and they must remain in ESL classes until they score 80 on the test, a common minimum score required by selective U. S.  colleges and universities for admission. If students need a third year of ESL, they will take Advanced ESL, which focuses on specific skills for taking the TOEFL test.