Consistent with the Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart education, Woodlands Academy’s academic program seeks to instill in our students a deep respect for intellectual values, academic integrity, and a lifelong passion for learning.

Faculty at Woodlands instill in our students a lifelong love of learning and a commitment to social responsibility and spiritual growth. 79% of our faculty have advanced degrees in their fields. More than half of Woodlands’ full-time instructors take on the dual role of advisors, meeting daily with students to provide insight and support. Our faculty also serve as moderators for clubs, oversee extracurricular activities, join students on retreats, and participate in the school’s numerous service activities.


The English department provides a comprehensive education grounded in Goal II, a deep respect for intellectual values. Four years of coursework are required to graduate, and each year, skills are progressively expanded and refined through an increase in rigor and expectation.

The freshman year establishes a foundation for appreciating literature from various epochs (Classical, Renaissance, and contemporary) and in multiple forms (novel, short story, poetry, drama, and epic). Freshmen also write a wide array of compositions, including expository essays, research investigations, personal narratives, and works of fiction.

The sophomore year builds upon the previous year’s foundation and focuses on world authors and genres.

The junior year emphasizes American literature and continues to hone modes of investigation and expression.

The majority of Woodlands seniors study British Literature in the first semester and an elective in the second semester (such as creative writing or a special topic). Certain students are selected for Advanced Placement English, a year-long, college-level class that culminates in an intensive three-hour exam in the spring.