College Counseling at Woodlands

Woodlands’ College Counseling Program is committed to helping students make informed choices regarding their post-high school plans. Through individual meetings, college skills classes, information sessions, and workshops, we encourage students to discover the best about themselves and to research the opportunities available to them. Most important to this College Decision-Making Process is self-evaluation. When a student knows herself, she is able to make appropriate decisions about her future.

Our College Counseling Program stresses personal and interactive communication among students, parents, and counselors. Parents are encouraged to participate in all individual conferences and to attend special college counseling programs for parents. We host informative workshops and morning coffees throughout the year.

Family Connection, an internet-driven college counseling program, enables students to manage the college search process electronically. Students can track their test data and grade point averages, research colleges, examine their admissibility using Woodlands’ historical data, and access our college visit calendar.

College Counselor

Woodlands' College Counselors attend conferences, meetings, and workshops at local, regional, and national associations. In addition, they meet with college representatives who visit Woodlands Academy and maintain ongoing communication with college admission offices.


Mike Ford
College Counselor
847-234-4300, ext. 408